A new schoolpavilion

Considering the diversity of the buildings on the site, the campus-model is reinforced by creating, on the outside spaces, a structure of vegetal elements on a grid. This means that we can call the buildings on the site, pavilions. A new circular school pavilion contains a polyvalent hall and the new classes. The polyvalent hall is flexible because of the direct contact with the playground and sliding panels form separations hall with the classes.

  • Location
  • Schaarbeek, Brussels
  • Size
  • 700 m2
  • Budget
  • € 923.851,00
  • Status
  • Competition
  • Type
  • Competition
  • Date
  • 2002
  • Client
  • GO!
  • Team
  • Goedele Desmet
  • Ivo Vanhamme
  • Jean-Michel Culas
  • External consultation

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